Monday, January 06, 2014

Cold! Oh crikeys, it's cold!

Unless you live in Florida or California, you're probably like most Americans tonight - bundled up under blankets, sitting next to a space heater, watching the BCS Championship game. It's freakin' cold out there! Even us peeps in Atlanta are dealing with near single digits, although I feel even worse for friends and family struggling with the Arctic blast blanketing the Midwest and North East.
True story: my freshman year of college at UW-Madison, it dipped down to -30, which felt more like -70 with wind chill. It was brutal. You couldn't leave the house without donning multiple layers and it literally hurt to breathe. And your nose would run and the snot would freeze. Lovely, ey? I do not miss those all.
Anyhoodle, when the weather gets this nippy, I start to crave giant bowls of hearty soup. And today is no different. I'm currently jonesing for some chicken pho, which for the uninitiated is basically the Vietnamese version of chicken noodle soup. I'm either going to make or buy a vat of it on the way home tomorrow, seeing as how it will be another Arctic night. Or I might whip up one of the other low-cal soup recipes below. What say you? Pho, bisque or veggie soup?

Chicken Pho
Sweet Potato Bisque
Garden Vegetable Soup

By the way, for those that have never tried it, you really can toss up boiling water in sub-zero temperatures and watch it freeze in the air.

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