Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Wonderland? Pffftttt....

Y'all, this has been a tough food week. For those that haven't heard, Georgia was hit with "Snowpocalypse Part 2" - which in Southern terms means, we got an inch of snow and a lot of ice and the whole damn state went crazy again. Fortunately, it seems most residents and government officials learned from the last incident and avoided getting on the roads before the storm - so there weren't any reports of students stuck on school buses and motorists stranded on highways for 23 hours.
But on the downside, we've been cooped up (except for walking down to the local pub, huzzah!) at home the past few days, working remote...and mainly eating junk food because I stupidly let my fiance do the shopping before the storm. Is it difficult to eat a bowl of cantaloupe when there is a bag of Cheetos lying on the table? Why yes...yes, it is.
So I was a wee bit bad the first day - ate some pizza and junky snacks before learning my lesson and cooking up some lean ground turkey and chopping up fruit and veggie snacks. I also made some sugar-free Sweet Hot Chocolate and low-cal Santa Fe Veggie Chili to get through the chilly week. It was pretty damn yummy. Anyway, the snow is finally melting and it looks like we'll be back in our respective offices tomorrow, so I look forward to returning to a normal routine - and healthier eating pattern. Wish me luck!

And for those that haven't seen some of the brilliant comedy skits making fun of Atlanta a few weeks ago, enjoy one snippet...

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