Safety of Sucralose, studied for 20 years

Sucralose safety has been studied in one of the most extensive and thorough safety testing programs ever conducted on a new food additive. More than 100 studies conducted and evaluated over a 20-year period have shown that sucralose is safe.

Studies were conducted in a broad range of areas, at amounts many times higher than what most people consume, to assess whether there were any safety risks regarding cancer, genetic effects, reproduction and fertility, birth defects, immunology, the central nervous system and metabolism. The studies all showed that sucralose was safe for human consumption with no side effects.

There is a lot more about the safety of sucralose here, including quotes from regulatory authorities, health groups and more.

Meeting Consumer Demand
Recent research shows that consumers are increasingly interested in incorporating low-calorie, sugar-free foods and beverages into their meal plans as part of a healthy lifestyle. This growing calorie consciousness challenges food manufacturers to provide consumers with a wider selection of good-tasting, reduced-calorie products. The development and approval of a variety of safe, low-calorie sweeteners and other low-calorie ingredients are helping to meet this consumer demand.

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