Simply Splenda Recipes!

For my Sugar Free Style followers, here are some of my favorite Splenda recipes to help you decrease the calories. Sucralose-sweetened variations of many of your favorite recipes could save 100 calories each day and result in a loss of up to 15 pounds throughout the year. Hey, a sweet tooth without all the guilt! (Am I dreaming?)

Splenda-sweetened Apple Dumpling recipe

Chilla in Vanilla Milkshake with Splenda instead of sugar

Cappuccino Mix in a Jar

Blueberry Sorbet and Fresh Mango Sorbet

Red Velvet Cupcake -- sugar free recipe

Gooey Crunch Fruit Tartlets

Mojito Cocktail

Chilly Chocolate Mudslide

Sugar Cookies, substitute with a Splenda sugar blend

Disappearing, Healthyish Oatmeal Raisin cookies